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12 February 2008 @ 01:46 am
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Glad to see your little family is getting along, Elizabeth.

Inger: Well, family... Jerry is not exactly a father figure to me, you know, my dad was around 100 in my first memories!

Luckily Jerry is too old to be a romantic interest, at least.

Now that's what I call romantic interest! You kids just keep dating, eh?

Inger: It is more fun than jumping on the sofa!

Right, you are a pleasure sim. But your boyfriend is a knowledge sim. I am surprised you get along like a house on fire.

Glen: She is a family sim too, and I grew up with babies, so we have something to talk about at least!

Not that I see you spend most of your time together talking. Unless you count body language.

Ellen Greene, High Witch of the Light: "Glad to meet you, child. I sense a great deal of goodness in you. It is unfortunate that the path you have chosen leads you to fear such as us. Perhaps in the future, you may look at things differently."

Marcus Sharpe: There is one of those witches again. Wonder what she was doing here this late? They have secret knowledge that I dearly want - some say they hold the power to cheat death itself!

Annie Sharpe: That would be good - we are not getting any younger.

Ellen Greene: Alas, that those who want power are rarely the ones who would wield it wisely...


Stacie: Whoa! Pregnancy confirmed!

A pregnancy is like a job: Hard work is rewarded with more work!


Jo: This could get awkward.

Still, Charles is the most obvious candidate. He has wanted to become a Lightwielder since the day of your transformation, and he has enough innate goodness that he will not on his own gravitate toward the dark side. Even if they have cookies.

Jo: Very well then. I shall summon him.

Actually I think a phone call would be enough.

Jo: Don't be afraid. It is not going to hurt - you will just feel disoriented for a little bit. I will gift you with some of the overflowing Light within me. Once you have the experience, it is up to you to maintain it through study, practice and a life of total honesty. Think you can do that?

Charles Craft: I am scared, but I want this more than anything. Please.

Charles Craft: The light...

Yeah, what's with the violet-pink light here? Anyway, just relax, if it goes awry I'll fix it with Pescado's Black Box.

Jo: That wasn't so bad, was it? And you totally look like a witch now.

Charles Craft: Isn't there a less feminine word for it? Wizard?

Perhaps once you change out of that dress...

Jo: Here, take this. It is a magically compressed Throne of Light. It will automatically inflate to its normal size once you open it. Sitting in it will replenish all your needs.

Townie: All I'm saying is, I don't think all that magic stuff is *safe*.

Jo: Whew, that took a lot out of me. I need to replenish my aura from the Book of Light.

That's more like it!


Barbara: I can haz babyz!

And we have another POP star! But will she manage to marry off 6 children before Sims 5 is out? Place your bets, angels and gentlemen!

Tertiary Education - House of Jordan

Mack: Why is all this stuff in the living room?

It's a farewell gift to you! The House of Jordan has more money than needed to pay the tuition for the next two Jordan kids, so you're getting this to get started in your new apartment. Why borrow money straight out of school when there is more than enough here?

Mack: I've had a fantastic time here together with everyone, and now they want to give me gifts?

More importantly, before you move out, isn't there someone you should Mack on, or something?

Mack: Heidi, I can't imagine a life without your love...

This may mean the end of your cheerleader career, but I'll cheer for you both!

Heidi Pierce: Is he always like that?

Mack: You get used to it.

I can't decide whether this is better or worse than the kimono you arrived in.

Mack: Please, don't mention my chuunibyou to anyone! Onegaishimasu!

I think Heidi will have to buy your clothes from now on.

Fredrick: Please accept this token of my love toward our future marriage!

Jennifer: I'm so happy!

You are ALWAYS happy, since you've had permanent platinum mood since you were little! The really happy one is Fredrick, since I made it clear there would be no woohoo before you were formally engaged...

Jennifer: Don't you angels want us to wait until the wedding night?

I would not mind, but the way I see it, what counts in this context is the mutual commitment. Marriage in an economic sense kind of requires you to be an adult financially. That was OK a couple centuries ago when people got a job at 15. Now you stay in college until around the age of 30. It is just not reasonable to have the same time frame for physical intimacy and economic independence for everyone. Romance sims in particular depend on woohoo to stay sane and build lifetime happiness. But pleasure sims depend on dates, and at your age those inevitably end up with a crowd of woohoo wants, right? It is no big deal for you who are permaplat, but Fredrick is another matter.

Jennifer: Aww, poor Fredrick! ^_^

Hopefully Jo can explain this better than I can...

Alfred: That's a wonderful farewell gift! Thank you!

Since you are moving in with Deloris Reese, I think this is better than a second desk. Besides, I see you roll wants to buy art, so it seemed to suit you.

At least your outdoors clothes look OK! Have a safe trip!

Bonus: Sunset House

After traveling the world, Herbert and Faith Goodie settled down in Sugar Hills, a suburb of Micropolis. Well, more like a barely populated village near Micropolis, but anyway. The hot springs of the area give Sugar Hills a comfortably warm climate all year round. The elderly couple built a house on a large plot of land and imported a catgirl robot from SimJapan, where development of robots has proceeded independently from Marcus Sharpe's experiments in Micropolis. Mikiko is designed to take care of every need of the elderly. She is programmed to recognize gray hair and give special attention to senior citizens.

The years have passed and Herbert and Faith are growing frail. In their will, the estate is established as a non-profit "Sunset house" for elderly townies. Mikiko is tasked with finding suitable candidates and expanding the house when the economy allows. The apartments in Micropolis and Flatland have a surprisingly large number of elderly citizens, and it will be interesting to see whether those who move out will be replaced with other gray-haired sims or younger sims.

(No points are given or taken for residents of the Sunset House - they are considered townies.)

Summary of major events:

-Mack Hunt graduated from University with top grades
-Alfred Larsen graduated from University with top grades
-Mack Hunt engaged to cheerleader Heidi Pierce
-Jennifer Jordan and Fredrick Jacobs engaged
-Stacie Richards pregnant
-Barbara Jitmakusol pregnant
-Charles Craft became a wizard

11 February 2008 @ 03:45 pm
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Click blue names in text for more info on some individuals.


Looks like all the homework has given results! The kids come home with great grades after all. And the school bus runs on time again.

That's right Amanda! Time to unleash your youthful energy!

Now what will you do with your life?

Amanda: I want to have lots of fun, and become a famous game designer, just like Bob Jordan.

I know he is a bit of a local legend, but he is not a game designer yet.

Amanda: But he wants to be one, just like me!

That one never gets old, does it? But what's with the outfit, is your favorite hobby sports or perhaps fitness?

Amanda: Actually it is nature.

I guess that works too. And now that your mom is pregnant again, you may be needed in the garden.

Amanda: She is? Again?

It does not show yet, but I have ways of sensing such things.

Ah, Georgia Newson. I am glad to see you are growing up too.

Georgia Newson: Truth to tell, I am glad my childhood is over. It wasn't much to write home about. Not terrible, but just... meh.

Stay close with the families here and you should stand a good chance to eventually get a happier life.


Well, that did not take long! Welcome, Georgia.

Georgia Newson: I decided to visit Lucius after school. After all we are almost the same age.

And I approve like crazy. Not because I particularly foresee any special relationship between you two, but because the more best friends you have among my kids, the greater your chance that one of them will want you to come to Uni with them.

Lucius: And of course I want to have as many friends as possible.

Of course, even if it means spending your elder years on the phone.

My if it isn't Garrett Newson as well! This must be my lucky day. Lucy, I approve of entertaining the guest, but are you sure this is the best topic to start with?

Lucy: What? Mike talks all the time about how wonderful I am, and he should know.

I think Mike is a bit biased in this matter.

Leonore: I got A+! I got A+! Go me!

Go you! Your mom is at work and your dad is sleeping, and your big sister is talking with a boy. This is the closest you come. It is still a good job!

You look like a small housewife! Who needs a robot when there are girls like you around to do all the housework!

Lena: Look at me! I've grown so big I can hardly believe it!

And I see you picked the same type of dress as your sister, just in a different color. It suits your hairstyle, both of you look like small housewives from the 1950es.

Lucy: Look at me, doesn't it look like I can fly? Mike always says that I am more super than Captain Hero.

Garrett Newson: ...

Linda: Yes, mayor, that unsavory charlatan is as good as arrested. Micropolis is turning into a veritable City of Heroes these days!

Georgia Newson: Oh, Lucius, you say the sweetest things!

Lucy: And then Mike said to me, Lucy, compared to all the girls in our class, you are like the moon surrounded by stars!

Garrett Newson: ...

Lucius: Why is it always Leonore who does the dishes?

Why indeed. Girls are an eternal mystery, aren't they?


See, I told you Gisela is cute! I think she is the cutest girl in Micropolis.

Stacie Richards: I have never seen anything so beautiful!

Of course, she looks a little different when screaming to get out of her crib at 4 in the morning...

Tertiary Education - Pseudodorm

May as well get it over with, eh?

Merlin: I'm unbelievably lucky, ain't I?

I'd put it down to angelic guidance, but the truth is that I did not really think about it, I just wanted to get you out of there before the space-time continuum got further warped, and this house had room. Only later did I remember that they had saved up a lot of money as well, easily enough to pay your tuition for all eight semesters.

Merlin: But you would have thought of something anyway, right?

Again with the insane attraction to Georgia. But of course you cannot approach her romantically now, after what happened between you and Patricia.

I suppose passing by a sight like this could explain your temporary insanity, if you really like them that skinny. How can she even sit on a hard chair without hurting herself? Someone needs to feed these kids more than eggplant juice.

OK you kids, since you've been thinking about this day and night for three years now...

Ronny and Hope: WOOHOO!

Of course you better marry her as soon as you graduate!

Ronny and Hope *in an area with no reception*

I don't think we even need to tell who came up with that ring...

It is not like you could pry these two apart with a butter knife. They dance together, play together, chat together, eat together, go to class together and sleep together. Only when they go to the bathroom at the same time do they use adjacent stalls. If there were four or five bolts or attraction, William and Elizabeth would have it.

William: We are fated to live together and die together...

The dying could happen all too soon unless you learn to eat without being told. At least I only have to tell one of you.

My if it isn't Margarita Newton! What are you doing here? You are still a teen!

Margarita: Uhm, try-outs?

You came for the bowling, right? Ever since we installed that bowling alley at this dorm, I have seen non-student sims. Even Aion was here for three days, as if he did not have a wife and baby at home.

Margarita: But seriously, Merlin and I are friends from school! I am sure we would be best friends if I could get to talk to him again. Then I can go to college too, right?

That could be arranged. You are almost like one of my kids already. It would be nice to have another Newton in Micropolis.

Margarita: I hope I won't keep the name though. I am a family girl after all, unlike my great aunt.

Congrats on graduating with top grades! Of course that means bonus points for me too, but most of all I am happy for you. You deserve it.

Ronny: Thank you! You see I have managed to get clothes that are similar to the ones I used to have here. So hopefully you will still be able to recognize me!

I would anyway.

You have made many friends and helped other teens get into college. I am sure good things are waiting for you in the future.

Ronny: Yeah, she should be home now. I better get going.

And the replacement is here! You don't seem wild with joy after realizing your longtime dream of going to college?

Margarita: My big mouth looks hideous when I smile...

Your big mouth always looks hideous. Luckily your prospects for the future depend less on its size and more on its use. And I don't just mean kissing.

Margarita: I know what you mean. I should say kind and thoughtful words, and people will love me even if I am not pretty.

Exactly. If you want to be loved, the first thing you must practice is giving love, being kind and friendly, and speaking well of people who are not present. That way you will gain the trust of everyone.

Margarit: Got it boss!

And one word of advice, in matters of love you may want to confer with your guardian angel and not just blurt out things to the nearest boy. Such things have consequences that last for a long time.

You are thinking, Merlin?

Merlin: What shall I do, angel? I feel that I cannot live apart from her, but after what happened... I just can't bring myself to ask for her love again. Why would she trust me this time?

Keep reflecting on what you have done, and make up your mind to become a better person. Then a path will surely open for you. I cannot yet say which. Perhaps next year.

Summary of major events:

-Amanda Hopkins grew up well to Pleasure teen.
-Elizabeth Terry and William Huckster got engaged.
-Ronny Sharpe graduated with honors.
-Margarita Newton went to college, thanks to Merlin Hopkins.

10 February 2008 @ 10:01 pm
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Click blue names in text for more info on some individuals.

Grady - Craft

E-2 in: "A Stainless Night"

Not needing sleep, Micropolis' first robot decides to spend the night by the seashore. The companion star has grown bright with spring and the night is pale and tinted by the second sun's red flame. Soon it will bring the heat of summer to Micropolis once again - unless the climate goes haywire before that.

Phil Jitmakusol: I may not look like it, but I am a knowledge sim too!

E-2: This unit has recorded your statement for future reference.

The traditional Spring Sandcastle Festival once again showcased some young talented artists. The turnout may have been moderate, but the quality was quite good.

Elsie Jordan and Marvin Hopkins! You got to stay out late for the festival? I did not even remember you knew each other.

Marvin Hopkins: We go to the same high school, after all!

Elsie Jordan: And we both pursue knowledge, even if I have other interests too.

Marvin: And we both come from large families.

Elsie: And our little sisters are inseparable.

Marvin: So there's nothing strange about us being friends.

Elsie: Nothing strange at all.


Hans Olsen in: "Business, as usual"

Making snapdragon bouquets again?

Hans: With all the newcomers, demand is picking up. And I would still like to get another shop or two to the highest possible level.

I know, but it is a lot of work for both of us. And you already have an unshakable mind from your life experience. I can do without the occasional angel point as long as you are happy.

Hans: Still, wouldn't it be fun? Especially after you told me it could never happen in a tiny place like this... look at this place now!

I have to admit the demand is quite high.

Hans: Yes, I told you there were lots of newcomers, what with all those apartments.

Hans: Whew, that was a lot of restocking.

Seems you will have to raise the price, or people pull them off the shelves faster than you can fill them up.

Hans: I had not expected to hear that form you!

Things have changed since your grandfather's days, Hans. There are still a couple of the big families that are badly in debt, but most households are doing quite well. And the newcomers are people with jobs and a bit of money, not refugees with just the clothes they wore. Unlike the first six families.

Hans: ((But this sure is easier. I can just sit here and drink coffee and watch my money grow.))

It is ridiculously much easier, especially compared to crafting.

Hans: Well, I can still do both...


Wow Rufus, you maxed your creativity skill already! Good job!

Rufus: It is fun! Also I don't need to be strong and tough to do it.

You may still become strong one day. It is not always easy to see who a child is going to be.

For instance, the teens are a fortune sim and a pleasure sim, but when you look at how often they drag someone home from school, you'd think they were both popularity sims!

Elena: Did someone look for a popularity sim?

That outfit is sure going to make you popular among the boys at least. You are sure you are not a romance sim?

Elena: In this house everyone is a family sim anyway, whether we want to or not! Now I have to go help my baby brother with his birthday.

Happy birthday to you Pieter! You seem quite happy to have finally escaped the crib.

Travis: I guess I should let him have the toddler blanket then. I am so big now, I need a real bed anyway.

You sure have grown, although your hair has not.

Mike Jordan in: "Recruiting"

Townie teen Lynette Mitchell: Hi there guys, looking for your lady in red?

She's got an ultra cute smile and she is not a clone! Mike, as the next head of the college house of Jordan, it is your duty to recruit her!

Mike: Weren't you recently complaining about the number of students in college?

This is about quality, not quantity. Get going!

Lynette Mitchell: Say, aren't you from the House of Endless Babies? I'm a bit worried now...

Don't be, he is already happily in love with a girl who shares his outlook on life. Besides, fertility is not catching. Well, not unless you get really, really close.

Arlene! What a surprise to see you here! You used to work at the cash register here before Bob came and dragged you off to college. This is Mike...

Mike: Dude, she is like my sister-in-law or something. Of course we are already friends.

Anyway, now it is his turn.

Townie teen Mary Barber: So, you like busts? Let me tell you, I am like the bust specialist here! If I got my way, the whole mall would go bust!

Mary Barber, eh? Are you related to Brandy's friend, the orange longhair Barber in the Lakeview apartments?

Mary Barber: She is my cousin once removed.

Really? What was she before she got removed?

Moody-Kelley- Olsen

Anne-Marie: Isn't it crazy that your dad was my great-granddad?

Inger Olsen: It is pretty funny, is it not?

Anne-Marie: It is like you came in a time machine from the past!

Inger: I came in a time machine from the year 35 and you came in one from 40! It is not like I am ancient!

Anne-Marie: I've been thinking - if you were a boy, could we have gone out then?

Inger: Like dating? Yeah, probably, but it would have been weird to go out with you!

Anne-Marie: Haha, I bet it would.

Anne-Marie: You can fly now. You are free.

Tertiary education: Blank Slate

Viridia: I am Viridia Craft. Pleased to meet you!

Forrest: The pleasure is all mine. I see that you are indeed as beautiful as the angel told me.

What? There are other angels muscling in on my turf? Wait, do angels even have turfs? Turves?

Forrest: Let us talk about our prophecied future together...

Forrest: I intend to build a new city...

Viridia: This is a joke, right?

I assure you, building a city is quite a challenge, even with plantsims and robots.

Forrest: It will be a city of flowers, a place where all plant life can live in peace and happiness, without fear.

Viridia: Yes! That sounds wonderful!

As long as it does not turn into a City of Villains.

Forrest: I assure you, we will not claim anything that is not rightfully ours.

With your mindset, that does not comfort me much.

Forrest: Hey, you look like the kind of guy I've been looking for! I am going to have some great job opportunities for you in the future.

Greg: Sounds good!

Don't listen to him! Thug is not a career with a bright future.

Forrest: "Thug" sounds so barbarian...

Henchman? Mook? Lackey?

Forrest: I prefer "muscular assistant".

My if it isn't Neon Girl! I remember when you were pestering the Craft boy, way back when. Of course, pretty much every girl was pestering Darius, and he ended up with the only girl he did not have any chemistry with.

Neon Girl: Help me! I am trapped in college and can't get out!

I suspect there are worse places to spend your timelessness. Of course I would love for many of you to wake up and become able to receive my guidance and realize your inner potential for progress and happiness. But I can't just order my boys and girls to go out and find dormies. They have their own lives to live.

Lives like these.

Georgina: We have renewed our love!

Stian: Georgina is the one I want to share my life with. We have so much in common and we understand each other.

Georgina: After all, I am also a romance sim, so I understand how easy it is to get attached to someone. Perhaps I'll slap him around a bit sometimes, but in the end it can only be us two.

I am glad you decided this by yourself. Perhaps there will soon be an opportunity to act on your rekindled love... but not this year. This year is over for your dorm. Two more to go! Don't do anything crazy while I am elsewhere, OK?

Summary of major events:

-Elena Jordan grew up well to Popularity teen.
-Travis Jordan grew up well to schoolboy.
-Pieter Jordan grew up to toddler.

09 February 2008 @ 12:43 am
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Craft 3

Looks like your mom and dad dropped by unannounced to watch you play, Charles! Doesn't that make you feel oh so comfortable? ^_^

Hannah: Why is he down here playing guitar instead of upstairs making grandchildren for me?

I wonder the same thing, since he supposedly married a family sim. She does not much act the part yet. Then again they just got jobs, finally. In fact, this was his first day as an oceanographer.

Hannah: How quickly they grow up!

Schultz- Olsen

Believe it or not, Glen was actually the one who asked Inger out on this date.

Inger: I was just thinking of calling! I have something to ask later.

Inger: Wanna go steady Glen? (*presses chest against Glen*)

Glen Goodman: Whatever you say, sweetheart!

Inger: I knew you wanted it too!

Inger: I decided to read up on cooking. Boys are impressed by a girl's homemade cooking, right?

It happens. But I don't think you need to worry about impressing yourself on Glen for a while...


Jo Greer: Hello. It's been a while since last you visited me. I was starting to wonder whether you had already left us for the new world you foretold.

How would you know? Time does not move when I am not here, right?

Jo: Did you really think I would not notice? I can cast a Tempus Interruptus spell myself, you know. Don't evade my question. Is the new world ready? Are you here to bid us farewell?

Yes, the new world has begun. I have spent many generations there already. It is indeed more similar to my own world in many ways, more detailed and with more intelligent and independent sims. I found it quite interesting. However, it does not lend itself well to a prosperity challenge.

Jo: Is there too much prosperity already?

There is some of that, I guess, but mainly time flows differently from here. While I guide one family, the others go on without me, making their own decisions, usually good enough to stay alive but not to make much progress. Various forms of insanity are rampant because of bad parenting, for instance.

Jo: It must be hard for you to not be omnipresent. Poor angel. Anyway, I have been thinking. I have a plan, but I need your help.

Jo: See this throne? You already know how it works, you commented on it once before. As long as I sit here, I am renewed by the Light, and all my bodily needs fade over time. As long as I spend some time here each day, I have no need to even eat or sleep.

Of course, making all those reagents and potions is hard work, so I don't mind.

Jo: People still tell the story about how Rory Olsen kickstarted the economic wonder of Micropolis by giving away snapdragons to families in need. With a snapdragon, the family could study or work at home for longer, and babies and toddlers could sleep through the night without waking up screaming.

I see. Of course, Thrones of Light only work for Lightwielders.

Jo: But you don't need to be actively casting spells once you have done it the first time. If we could find people who are good by temperament, and open-minded enough to not fear the unknown, I might teach them enough that they may be able to use a Throne as long as they don't abuse the power for evil or selfish purposes. Obviously I can only make a couple of these in a year, but if you can help me locate the people who need them most...

That would be wonderful.

Jo: Great! I'll get started right away, then.

Patton- Jitmakusol

We all saw that coming, didn't we? At least those who can remember things that happened to little computer people just over a year ago. The chapel is mostly empty and even most of the guests are in their workday clothes, because the wedding is quite early in the afternoon. I expect there will be more once we get to the food though.

Barbara and Phil: Finally we are married!

Jo Greer: And when you grow old, don't keep dancing and necking in front of your grandkids while wearing a pink dress. Nothing good can come from it, mark my words.

Random Townie: Is Glowbug Girl literally everywhere?

You may wonder sometimes, but she actually lives in this block, so I think she must be allowed to hang out here.

Well, I see you both want a baby, so I should probably not keep you occupied any longer. Good luck, and hopefully we will see a happily pregnant Mrs Jitmakusol next year!


Leigh: So I call over Lloyd, and he just walks right into my bedroom without even saying hi first. I wonder, should I be flattered or insulted?

It would probably be best for all involved if you were insulted.

Lloyd Moody: I just don't understand how girls think. First Leigh invites me over, sounding all purry. I was so sure we were going to, you know, make some noise. But nooo... I am practically thrown out.

Jo Greer: You may not have noticed this, and I guess it is not an absolute rule, but I have noticed that guys tend to want to continue just where they left off, while girls kind of need to start over to a certain degree.

Lloyd Moody: So basically we have a better memory? I was wondering why men have those extra ounces of brain.

Jo Greer: Or perhaps those extra punces of brain are dedicated to trying to exert some degree of control over those extra ounces somewhere else on the male body. It is worth a try, you know.

Little known science fact: The female brain reaches its final form around the age of 25, the male around the age of 30. The last part to be finished is the prefrontal cortex, in which impulse control and long-term planning reside.

Bonus feature: Skyscrapers of Micropolis

OK, so they are not quite skyscrapers, but they are gigantic by the standards of the small rural town. They are also spread around, to cater to different groups of people who prefer different places.

Lakewatch 1 (red) and 2 (blue) lie in Micropolis proper, nestled in the hillside above Lakeside Drive. Each of the buildings contains a ground floor for common activities, and five floors each with two spacious family apartments. While they may not accommodate a family of eight, they will provide a good starting point for any family sim who wants to raise their first children in a modern, practical environment at a moderate start-up cost. Each apartment is separated from the other with a corridor, eliminating noise from the neighbors. In addition to local families, the large apartments attract upper middle-class singles moving in from other parts of the country.

Known sims:
Charles and Brandy Craft
Elizabeth and Jerry Schultz, Inger Olsen
Bob Jordan and Arlene Fisher
Stacie and Hubert Richards
Tammy Patton.

The TrendyLife (left) and EasyLife (right) complexes are located in downtown Flatland, where a more leisurely and romantic spring-like atmoshpere prevails all year round. It is the place to live while you are looking for that special someone in your life. Each high-rise building has a whopping 7 floors with 4 apartments each, for a total of 28 cozy apartments suited for singles or couples. The moderately priced apartments are well suited for the post-industrial worker, but also many seniors have found them attractive.

Known sims:
Jo Greer
Barbara and Phil Jitmakusol
Leigh Dunn
Patricia Watts
Barbara Cochran.

The Collegiate apartment building is similar to the downtown towers, but is located in the new high-tech development area located at the former military base Fields of Duty. The location and highly educated population in the area creates an atmosphere ideal for studies and skill building, which has been compared to a life in perpetual autumn.

Known sims:
Deloris Reese.

Tertiary Education

The dormitory village of Mountain Lake Region Tertiary Education consist of the original Huge Dorm (49 students), Humongous Cramped Dorm (80 students, originally designed for more than 100) and a small combined library and coffee shop. The population explosion in Micropolis and surrounding areas has led to the establishment of three new housing facilities.

The first of these was the Pseudo-Dorm, a dormitory that was never finished due to bankruptcy. It was bought up collectively by Micropolis students from the Huge and Cramped dormitories when things got too slow there. There is room for approximately 20 students, but there are rarely more than 8 for the duration of a whole year.

The second house to be established for Micropolitans was the House of Jordan. Originally a common sports shack, it has been gradually expanded by Bob Jordan and his friends. When Bob graduated, his sister Jennifer took over leadership of the house. No doubt her younger siblings are also planning to come here with their friends. This house is the focus of this week's update.

The third house was somewhat misleadingly named The Blank Slate,although it is actually made of red brick. Originally inhabited by romance sims, it has lately become famous for its plantsims.

Forrest Whitaker: ((That couple over there look pretty stylish, I bet they have more money than they need. I should remember that for later.))

And here is Mack Hunt, future business tycoon, having a date with the local cheerleader.

Mack: Heidi Pierce. She has a name, you know.

And you fell for her piercing eyes?

Mack: Has anyone told you that your puns are horrible?

Has anyone NOT told me?

Mack: Actually I think your eyes are quite beautiful.

Barbara Jitmakusol: How quickly they grow up!

Now if Heidi could just give up her wish to fall in love with Petter Olsen. After all, his daughter is already a teenager.

Barbara Jitmakusol: That's what I'm saying! Time flies like an arrow...

And fruit flies like bananas!

Alfred Larsen meets his beloved Deloris Reese downtown for a hot date. Everybody is very obviously not looking in their direction. Soon Alfred will graduate and move into the apartment they are renting in The Collegiate. It is not like he is underage or anything, people!

The magic of love has produced a karaoke machine! Better that than a baby, I guess, what with them still living apart.

Elsbet Hunter the Streaker: What, Lloyd, don't you recognize me with my clothes on?

Lloyd: I was just caught up in the game! Really! Honestly!

And it's love! Just because the first thing you did was grab her butt.

Random townie: CAN I JOIN UR TEAM

Lloyd & Elsbet: *both roll want to be engaged*

That's right! You grabbed her butt, you should take responsibility! Everyone knows that!

Random townie: CAN I JOIN PLZ

But first: The power of LOVE!

It's a deal! Soon you will have your own home and cute little streaker babies! But not this year, for this year is now over. See you next year!

Summary of major events:

-Barbara Patton married Phil Jitmakusol.

-Lloyd Moody got engaged to Elsbet Hunter.

-- You know, that was excessively uneventful even for me. -_-
08 February 2008 @ 12:43 pm
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Olsen 2

All alone in the empty nest and this is what you do?

Sally: We got some new books. I am reading up on physiology.

Leon: And I found this book about anger management.

Not a bad idea with your 3 nice points. But afterwards, how about asking your son over with some of his friends? They have been cooped up in the dorm for a long while now.

Looks like the kids are having fun! And they'll appreciate a good homemade dinner.

Wait a moment there. Jean, I don't particularly mind you dropping by uninvited. But I do remember you had the "flirt with Greg" want last I saw you. Be careful! You are going to marry Ernest soon, after all.

Leon: They sure make nice girls these days. I am starting to wish I had another baby...

Not with your daughter-in-law you won't. Change that wish to a grandchild and you just might live to see it, although I would not bet the house on it.


Jo Greer: Dear congregation, we are gathered here before the everlasting Light, to splice these two innocent-looking knowledge sims, if nobody has a serious complaint about it.

Jo Greer: ...and don't even think about taking a plane on your honeymoon. Do you have any idea what air fare costs in the post-peak-oil economy?


We return to the crowded but happy Hopkins family. Unfortunately, in my absence there has been a disturbance in the Force: Marvin, the oldest boy, was unable to quit reading to Dawnstar. I had to delete him and reload, at which point he did not recognize the school bus and had to walk to school. Possibly because of this, when he won a baking competition in school, all of the kids were teleported home, without homework and the grade schoolers lost a grade.

Martin: Can haz homework nao!

Thanks to the Simlogical Schoolwork Table. Simlogical are experts in Sim education, and this table is the most basic homeschool kit in their catalogue. It can be used to create homework for students of all ages, and motivate them to do it on their own. But since Marvin is a knowledge sim, I have him help the small ones with their studying.

Marvin: I don't mind, actually I feel that doing homework together brings us closer as a family. I am starting to understand what Johanne meant about being lucky to have so many younger siblings.

Actually, I think she believed you came from a family with fertile genes. And wanted you to share, most likely.

Merlin: Isn't it great Amanda? Your baby brother is having his birthday!

Amanda: I want to see him grow up!

Miranda: I wonder if this is the last time in my life that I get to hold a baby in my arms?

Knowing you, I doubt it. You are still young, because of my "Elixir for Mothers" program. But it may be the last time Merlin is watching. There is a disturbance in the force, and I think you will all be safer with him in college. There is someone who wants for him to go there as well.

Miranda: I could need him here to help with the small ones...

But there may be much more work with them if he stays, in case he is the one who triggers the school bus problem. Besides, Amanda will grow up next year.

Happy birthday to you Alvin! I don't have a fate for you, so make your own, OK?

Have some strawberry lemonade before you leave, Merlin. I know you could not get everything you wanted when you were a teen. Few teens can. It is a time of high ambitions and many restrictions. But I want you to move on in a good mood.

Merlin: You make it sound like I'm going to the Other Shore!

As far as your mother is concerned, it seems to be pretty close...

Orion: Hey, the crystal over your head just turned bright white!

Plumbbob. It is one of those things sims can't see.

Orion: Like the green numbers that float up when people get what they want? Are there more invisible things?

Yes, the bubbles over people's heads when they think but don't talk. Also the hearts that come out of men and women when they look at each other. Those are especially important to not see if they are not married to each other.

Orion: Is Merlin married to Georgia?

No, but they are going steady so it is still OK.

Orion: I think he is walking less steady when she is here.

How quickly they grow up when they have to!

Dawnstar: Still no sign of THEM?

Orion: No, but it is hard to see today because there are some clouds. They may be hiding in those.

Dawnstar: Do you think this white fluff in the air is a sign from them?

Orion: I don't know, but don't tell anyone else that you can see it!


You guys grow like weeds! You do know there is another one like you, right? Except she is a girl.

Forrest: I vaguely remember something like that. I did not think I was all that different though. I played with Mandy's old toys and everyone was like I was one of them. I never really looked at myself before.

You are not all that different. Sure, you are green and need sunshine instead of food, but you can love and be loved like anyone else. When I send you to live in the same place as the plantgirl, it is not because I expect you to hook up - although that would certainly be interesting.

Forrest: I certainly would not mind meeting someone else of my race, but of course I reserve judgment until I meet her.

She is a nice girl, but slightly less mature than you despite being the same age. She still has not decided what she wants to do with her life.

Forrest: Well, I want to earn money.

And use it to make this world a better place, right?

Forrest: I have not thought quite that far yet...

Forrest, you don't look happy to be in college?

Forrest: Look how easily she fits in, as if she was one of them! But we are not like them. We are a new and better breed. We are superior to ordinary sims, and I am going to prove it!

By getting top grades, I hope?

Forrest: For now, I shall hide among them in plain sight. But when the time comes, I shall take what I deserve. They shall learn to fear the power of a true mastermind!

Oh dear. That does not sound like something an angel would support. Why don't you go work off some steam in the garden. You are still young, you may have experiences ahead of you that can make you change your mind.


Linda: Shooufleea!

I guess Luke will have to harvest those plants after all...

Jo Greer: Here, let me channel a blessing of the Light...

Jo? Since when were you here?

Jo Greer: I go where the Light wills, you know...

Johanne Olsen: A new baby! Huzzah! Banzai!

Our local baby fanatic as well? Don't tell me the Light sent you too.

Linda: Anyway, this is Larry.

Welcome to my world, Larry! May you become a joy for your parents and a contributing member of society. Like, you know, working or something, eventually.

Linda: Also, Luke and I would both like to sign up for the 10 kids deal thing, if it is still available. After all, we're already halfway!

Sure! It is always open for generation 1, that is to say, anyone who was born before Micropolis was settled. Here, read this info sheet about the conditions and benefits.

Lucius! You have grown up to an excessively handsome teenager, haven't you? To what do you aspire now?

Lucius: I hope to become popular. Hopefully becoming a Hall of Famer should help with that.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!


Happy birthday Gisela!

May every day be as happy as today! And may you remain as cute too, while we're at it. Hey, an angel can always hope!

Monique: I'm still not pregnant, you know, and I do have an obligation as a member of the Fertile Turtle Program...

Bret: So, once more unto the breach, dear friend?


Aion: It is an amazing thing, to be a father.

So I hear. And especially when it is intentional.

Happy birthday Maximilian! You look thougthful, but know that you are born into a golden age. There may be less wealth than there used to be, but there is a lot of love and even a little wisdom. May both of them become yours.

Aion: What are they doing here?

Taking Heaven as their witness that Linda's offspring will inherit her uncle's house?

Aion: But why in our home in the middle of the night?

Perhaps they wanted to get it into the current round? Because I'm going over to college campus now, and the third and final update for this round will be about our enumerable apartments.

Aion: What's that cracking sound?

Oh dear, that must be the fourth wall. I better get out of here. See you all next year!

The pseudo- dorm

That was not too bad, was it?

Wait, wait! What is going on here? Patricia, have you forgotten Irwing Walsh? You had the potential for True Love - 3 lightning bolts!

Patricia: Are you by any chance referring to the coward who ran away during our date because a TREE caught fire?

You paid 5000 simoleons to date that coward! And Merlin, what about Georgia?

Merlin: I don't see her anywhere around here...

Are you two family sims in disguise? I thought you just wanted to be friends?

Patricia: With friends like these, who needs expensive dates?

You have 1 measly lightning bolt of attraction! You met an hour ago! And Patricia, you have already graduated and have to move out this year!

Patricia: It is not like I can help it. He is just so dreamy!

Now, this I approve of. And it was expected too. After all, you are each other's True Love.

Patricia: Why do angels decide what is True Love? Should not true love be chosen freely?

That is a very good question. The answer is that freedom is proportional to consciousness, or awareness if you want a simpler word. For instance, you may be aware that the boy in front of you is cute and likeable, and this is not false or wrong. But with a greater awareness, you might consider that there may be someone else more suited for you, or for him. As your guiding spirit, I have a much greater awareness than you in the two-dimensional world have. But how do I use this to bring you happiness without ending up just playing dollhouse with you? That is a challenge, I admit.

And I think I have a fair solution to it, actually. If he can live together with his teenage sweetheart without them falling back in love, I'll give you guys a chance. You, however, will have to move out, so it is all up to him.

Patricia: Love is such a wonderful thing, is it not?

Elizabeth: ((What I would love right now is to smack that big butt of yours!))

Actually I believe it is time for Patricia to move downtown. Be sure to get some suitable clothes for your new life, OK?

Bye Patricia! See you downtown!

Patricia, come back! We need more 1-bolt couples here!

Barbara, I know you and Patricia have more or less declared yourself eternal rivals, but this is ridiculous.

Barbara: You really think I'll let her go "Lookit lookit my uniiique dress"?

You know, your brother really hit the nail about Georgia and your unsteady feet... Don't keel over now!

And there goes Tammy as well. The old guard is leaving, but it is not exactly empty here. And probably won't be for a long, long time. I thought we past the wavetop of students, but...

Bonus feature:

The Fertile Turtle Program

(Also known as The Mile High Stack of Diapers Club.)

Dear Sim mother or father, does this picture make you go "Squeee! This is what I have always dreamed of!"? Or better yet, "Hey why is that crib empty?" Do you find yourself frequently spouting phrases like "Children are out future", "I love my children more than anything", "I want my house to be full of new life" or even "my brood will rule this mudball, muahaha"? If so, the Fertile Turtle Program may be for you.

The Fertile Turtle Program is open for all founding immigrants to Micropolis (and their spouses) who wish to have at least ten children. For generation 2 and later, and their spouses, the program is only open once you already have six children.

Participants are required to undergo a permanent fertility treatment that increases their chance of conception and chance of having twins. They will also have to abstain from all use of birth control for the duration and to resume their marital duties within a year after childbirth. This will continue until they have 10 children. After this, childbearing is once again voluntary.

The benefits of the program are several. First, of course, the children. But participants will also remain in fertile age (which, for men, means "alive") until their tenth child is born, no matter how long it takes. They will over time receive the ability to lock an extra want. This extra willpower remains for the duration of their life.

Enrollment is individual. This means that if one spouse participates and the other not, it may take several consecutive marriages. To avoid male participants to spend centuries as a creaking elder, they will have to remarry within the year after the demise of their wife, and to a young family sim. With the rapidly increasing population of the Greater Micropolis Area, this should not prove too difficult.

Any financial costs are borne by the participants. Loans will be provided if necessary at a moderate interest.

Summary of major events:

Meadow Road:
-Jean Austin married Ernest Ramsey.
-Alvin Hopkins grew up to toddler.
-Linda and Luke Hancock had a baby boy, Larry.
-Lucius Hancock grew up well to teenager (popularity).
-Gisela Goodman grew up to toddler.
-Maximilian Flynn grew up to toddler.
-Merlin Hopkins went to college.
-Georgia Elliott went to college (invited by Merlin).
(Forrest Whitaker went to college) Plantsim.

07 February 2008 @ 01:54 pm
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Old Micropolis...

Gravel Road, and there's No 1 straight ahead... the pale blue house on the corner of Gravel and Meadow road, the big one with the white car.

Grady- Craft

Oh, it feels good to be back with my friends in Micropolis again!

Alison and Viridia: *ignore* *sing nursery rhyme*

By the way, I brought you new plumbbobs!

Grant: I seem to have grown older, but I still feel fine!

Your aspiration level is Local Hero. Your life couldn't get any better, or longer!

Grant: Well, I am Captain Hero after all!

I know, I have not forgotten after all this time.

Grant: All this time? I was on patrol this past Monday, you know.

But while you danced this morning, I spent generations in another world, one still populated by sims, but a little closer to my own. It is a wonderful place, but I kinda missed you guys.

Grant: Are we gonna go there when we die? Not that I am in a hurry, mind you!

No, you will be gathered to your ancestors on the Other Shore, in the fullness of time. Nothing of this world can pass over into that world, it is a new creation.

Viridia: I'm all grown up!

Physically, yes. But I see you still have the "grow up" aspiration and no lifetime goal. Don't worry though, I'll help Georgina keep her promise that you'll be with her in college. That will help you choose an aspiration after a while.

OK, go on with the ritual now.

Georgina: Uhm. By the power of Christianlov's Bulletin Board, I summon my sister into college. VIRIDIA, COME FORTH!

Viridia: Hi Gina!

Welcome to college Viridia!


Poor Andrea, you know you are stressed when your son is back from school and you still haven't had a chance to take a shower!

Andrea: The boy had two days of homework piled up! I know I should not complain that he has his nose in a book all day, I was like that myself at his age, but you still have to do your homework!

Cassius: Yes, mom.

At least grandma is helping Zimena with hers.

Zimena: Iko da! I am a good girl, I always do my homework!

As well you should, when you have the mayor herself to help you! What an honor!

Hannah: I am going to vote against it. We don't need more high-rise buildings right now. This is not a build-a-city challenge! We have a whole 10-family block here in Micropolis that has will be opened for tenants soon, and we just got a brand new skyscraper out in the Fields of Duty. The Downtown tower may be full, but some will no doubt move out when they marry and have children - the small apartments are best suited for singles and newlywed couples. If we need anything, it will soon be a home for assisted living for the elderly.

Craft 2

Roger: Remember, when I am gone, you keep this place in the best possible condition until Lucy Hancock or her heir claims it. Live as unobtrusively as possible in the meantime. Don't take a job, don't move anyone else in, don't hold parties here. You are allowed to visit community lots and friends in the neighborhood, but you must return here each night. Is that understood?

Housekeeper: This unit understands and obeys.

Roger: I don't want to sound like a dictator, but this is the reason you were brought to life - or whatever robots are brought to - so I think it is a reasonable request.


Hans: Sleeping in the day instead of the night - I must be growing old!

Now that you mention it...

Hans: Not too old to run my shops though!


Life is hectic at the crowded Jordan home, so nobody gets out of their nightclothes unless they have to leave the house. But Travis does not mind as long as he has his xylophone! He will only leave it to get a bottle or visit the potty, and eventually sleep. By the turn of the century, children like him would have been diagnosed as "autist spectrum" and singled out for psychiatric treatment because they were not clingy like everyone else. But luckily Travis will never know anything about that.

Mari: Are you taking pictures of my butt again?

Perhaps if you get some more transparent nighties.

Moody-Kelley- Olsen

As an only child living with her parents and grandparents, Anne-Marie gets as much attention as she wants. And perhaps a bit more.

Shelly: Hey, isn't it my turn soon?

Dormie Viola Reed: Didn't you know this party was for you? It was on TV, man!

She is just kidding you! Petter is trowing a birthday party for Anne-Marie, but he also asked over a lot of your old friends from college, so think of it as a combined birthday party!

Anne-Marie: It's my first day wearing this dress, do you think it suits me?

Very much so. You look quite elegant. Now that you are a teen, what are you going to do with your life?

Anne-Marie: I plan to study hard, get a job in the intelligence career and become head of the SCIA, and earn tons of simoleons!

Really? I had always pictured you as a romance or pleasure sim like the rest of the family.

Anne-Marie: When I was little, I did not know anything else. But in school I have met a lot of other people and learned about other ways of living. I love my parents, but I just have more ambition than them. I want to make a difference to society, not just dance my days away. Not that I'll stop dancing or anything, of course! But I got a new goal in life now.

Anne-Marie: Hi mom! Grats on reaching the top of your career!

Shelly: Who would have thought that when I was your age? Or even when we graduated, I guess. Peace of mind certainly helps with a lot of things.

Anne-Marie: I'll have peace of mind when I become head of the SCIA!

I guess that's another way of seeing it.

Blank Slate dormitory

Georgina: Welcome to 6 years if INTENSIVE STUDYING, li'l sis! LOL!

Viridia: I am going to study biology, of course...

Georgina: That's what most of us here do - at least after dark!

On a related note, I want to avoid the "family sim jumping any random sim of fertile age" syndrome. Also, a single family sim surrounded by romancers? Not good. So Greg, you get your best possible match now. Yes, be excited. Be very excited.

Meet Lori Haynes. She may not look like it, but she is still young. AND a family sim. AND a 3-bolter - your true love! Do your best - you just spent almost half the meagre savings of the household, after all. Don't you dare waste it!

Greg: HotHotHot!

It is love! And a dream date! I know you are family sims and 3-bolters, but it's still impressive in one evening.

Barbara Cochran: Let the banging commence!

Random Dormie: OMG she didn't say that out loud??

Well, she is a Barbarian after all...

Barbara Cochran: Why do they look so happy even though they are just random people and not me and William?

The eternal mystery!

And now for something slightly different...

I decided you guys can just continue to be romance sims even after your second year, since you don't have any marriage-breaking lifetime wishes. Besides, you are ridiculously cute together.

Jessica and Toby: WOOHOO!

And on that happy note, dear fellow angels, concludes the first third of year 53.

Summary of major events:
Challenge roll for year 53 = 6 - no extra challenges!

Gravel Road:
-Grant Craft grew up well to elder.
-(Viridia Craft grew up and went to college) - Plantsim.
-Hans Olsen grew up well to elder.
-Anne-Marie Olsen grew up well to fortune teen.

06 February 2008 @ 11:17 pm
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Craft 3

Charles has an old friend over. And no, that's not breakfast cereal. Mac & cheese, I think. Also, notice the beautiful view of the lake from his window.

Charles: Unfortunately, that's the closest I have come to oceanography, despite checking the paper every day for a job. Isn't this place soon large enough to have its own employment agency? Even a bulletin board would help...

Times are tough, eh? Perhaps you could find some other job in the meantime.

Jo Greer: All this rain is depressing for you. We should get rid of it.

And Mrs Craft has found someone just as weird as herself to play chess with, I see.

Monica Barber: What is that supposed to mean?

That I hope you will one day join one of our prestigeous families so we can enjoy your genetics for centuries to come. Speaking of which, Brandy, not pregnant yet?

Brandy: We haven't even tried! None of use has been thinking about having kids yet. We're just recently married!

It's been two years! Normally I don't lean on sims to have children, since this place is growing like leavening gone wild, but I'd like to see your genes preserved for the future.

Brandy: How about just keeping me alive then? I promise to keep all my genes for as long as I live!

Lakewatch seems to have become a kind of local downtown where everyone from Micropolis can come and meet old friends and new strangers. We have seen all of these people before...

...and most of these, but not all of them live here. It is like open house every night. Not that some people don't treat the old houses the same way, but still, this place is pretty crowded.


Inger: Hey mom, have you heard about the new project to extract gold from seawater?

Elizabeth: Sounds like a great idea, but is that really worth the cost?

Inger: It wasn't, but now that they filter huge quantities of seawater for deuterium for the fusion power plants, it isn't all that much extra to extract the gold atoms as well.

Elizabeth: You sure take a lot of interest in it.

Inger: Well, gold is pretty useful...

Elizabeth: I meant the science. Must be your knowledge sim friends you always hang out with.

Inger: Hehe, guess so!

Pick something already! Dates don't last forever, you know!

Random Townie: Why is there a voice there and I can't see anyone?

Inger: So, now that your little brother isn't here to get between us...

Of course, that does not mean it goes unnoticed, not in a place like this.

Not unnoticed at all.

Elsie: ((I was cheering them on - why does it feel so strange now that it finally happened? Like something just broke?))

Inger: I can't wait to tell all my friends!

Elsie: ((What should I say? What should I do? Always before when he looked at me, I would start to smile and then I'd think of something funny to say. But now it is like everything has changed and we've suddenly become strangers! Help!))

Sure! Hey Glen, shouldn't you spend your date with your girlfriend?

Glen: Right, my girlfriend...

Actually, even girlfriends have faces, Glen. See if you can find it. The skill will serve you well in the long run, believe it or not.

Elsie: ((It is OK. It is fine. We are still friends, the three of us. We'll still hang out together every day after school like we've always done. I'll still discuss science with Glen and fashion and pop with Inger and we'll laugh together at the same inside jokes. Nothing has changed. Except that some idiot has put salt in my juice.))


Dearly beloved - don't stand around in a church unless you're part of the ritual!

Stacie: With this ring I thee wed...

And I add my angelic magic. If you wear this ring always and is true to its bond, your lifespan will be lengthened with several years, just as in the higher world of which yours is a tiny reflection.

Jo Greer: And remember, ghosts are not real. They are psychic projections from the living...

Jo, this is a WEDDING, not a funeral!

Jo Greer: Well, it's the end of the life they have known and the beginning of the great unknown, after all...

"Live single or die"?

Jo Greer: Besides, Roger just keeps living on and on, and I didn't want a great speech to go to waste!

Jo Greer: OK, OK, you may kiss the bride!

Stacie: About time!

By the way Jo, you forgot to put your aura on today. Just so you know.

Jo Greer: Oops, I must have lost it when I teleported here! Happens sometimes.

And you two, go forth and multiply! We're not going to turn stones into grandchildren, you know. Probably not.

Good things come to those who wait, not to those who hesitate!

Hubert: Are you still here?? You didn't videotape that just now, did you?

Now that was an idea! But no. I trust my fellow angels are familiar with the procedure without further documentation.


Yo Jo! Letting a little Light in, I see?

Jo: I was thinking we could eat outside now that it is spring and all.

Not that you actually NEED to eat anyway.

Jo: Are you saying that my bum looks big in this?

Your bum looks perfect as always. It must be nice to be able to change the size of your bum with a single spell.

Jo: Well, the material world will always be sunject... subject to the ethereal!

But what I meant was congrats on the Throne of Light you made recently. Now you never need to eat or sleep or even shower unless you want to. All you need to do is sit on the Throne and let the Light restore you.

Jo: But food still tastes better!

Nice threads! You are rapidly approaching the top of the supernatural career, I see.

Jo: Yes, but personally I would have preferred journalism.

It is for the good of all. I saw you got the necrophone already.

Jo: Yes, it's in the magical laboratory.

Good. Spring is the season for thunderstorms, I would hate to lose anyone to those and not be able to bring them back. Well, at least if they were not old and in platinum mood.

There we go! The occult cult of Jo Greer!

Jo: I could have been a media magnate by now...

But then you would not be able to resurrect your friends if worst came to worst.

Jo: I see a dangerously cute young woman in your future. Beware her charms, and don't do anything you will regret later!

Landlord: Cute women, eh? I see that when I believe it!

Random townie: Have you seen the new high-rise building they're finishing up by the lakeside? It's another with family apartments, supposedly it is even better than the first, with garden plots for those who like fresh food and some playground stuff for the kids.

Random townie 2: They are building out in Fields of Duty too, where the military used to own the land. Not sure what it is about, but I heard about it at work.


Barbara: Dearest Phil, would you like to become the father of my six children?

Phil Jitmakusol: I did not even know you had six children!

Phil Jitmakusol: Ooh, shiny!

It would be a shame to waste such a nice ring, yes?

Tertiary Edu Dunn

Leigh Dunn?? What are you doing here?

Leigh: Surrounding myself with handsome guys, of course! See, they have even held off space for me in the middle, how thoughtful!

No, I mean, why are you here at the college? You get a maximum of 7 years in college, then you have to go back!

Leigh: Aww, what will the guys do without me?

Go on with their lives too?

Is that a skull pattern on that top?

Leigh: I'm a dangerous woman! Dangerous for your heart!

Be that as it may, hurry back to Flatland before anyone notices that you are missing!

Landlord: Please sign your lease here.

Leigh: What, I don't have to sign in blood or anything? This isn't as scary as I thought!

Leigh: You know, I feel this must be the guiding hands of fate that let me get such a nice landlord as you! And handsome too, if I am allowed to say so.

Landlord: Well, we heavy-boned types have to stick together, right?

Leigh: I don't mind whether the bones are heavy or light, as long as they are not visible through the skin. That's just unnatural, don't you think? The ancient philosophers believed that the sphere was the most perfect form, after all.

Landlord: Well, if not the sphere then certainly the hemisphere. It warms a man's heart when women have the good grace to strive for the classical full figure, as immortalized by the great Renaissance painters.

Leigh: Trust me, I am as classy as you can get!

Leigh: There is just one little thing... food is pretty expensive these days, you know, and with me just graduated from college and not having any job yet... perhaps if you could lower the rent a little bit, I'd afford to eat better...

Landlord: I suppose that would be doable for a little while - IF you would do a small service for me, of a personal nature...

Leigh: Absolutely! Anything for you! Well, as long as it is legal... and doesn't leave scars. I think that's it.

Landlord: Good Will, no! I would not dream about taking advantage of an innocent young woman!

Leigh: Actually I'm not THAT in...

Landlord: What I meant to ask was...

Landlord: ...if you would wear a pink dress. If you don't mind.

Leigh: A pink dress?

Landlord: This is a bit embarrassing, so please don't tell anyone. But you see, my parents divorced when I was a baby, and my mom was always working, but her parents - my grandparents - were very affectionate. They were already retired when I was little, but they were acting like newlyweds. In the evening, they were dancing slowly to their grammophone - it wasn't even a CD, as old folks at the time often had, but a honest to goodness grammophone with big black disks. You hardly even find those at a museum these days! And my brother got his grubby hands on them when my grandpa died. He probably sold it to a collector the next day. I hope he ends up as a zombie vampire! Urk - urk- bleh - urk, hahaha! That would fit him!

Leigh: About that pink dress...

Landlord: Right! The pink dress! Well, my grandma, who looked a lot like you, except of course much older, had this beautiful pink dress that she used to wear in the evenings when she danced with grandpa. Since it wasn't something you could get a lot of money from, I got it, and have always hoped to find someone who would wear it for me... but until now...

Leigh: Just a dress? Not even a nightgown?

Landlord: Just a dress, but a very nice one.

The things we do for love or money...

Tertiary Education

With Leigh gone, the house is slighly more quiet. Yes, it is true! No replacement! Finally the number of student seems to be going down. Not that anyone would notice, with all the friends and friends of friends coming and going in the Campus House of Jordan.

And the occasional enemy.

Evil student: Why can't I get over this fence? It isn't that high... And where did it come from all of a sudden?

Angelic magic! You see, young man, poking my students is a bad, bad thing. Luckily I have just come into possession of a way to completely reverse your personality, permanently. That would make you a pretty much ideal person, as I see it. Unfortunately, this necessitates killing you first.

Evil student: Nooo!

Oh, wait. In order to bring you back, you would need to have met my faithful servant and friend, Jo Greer. Shame, I was so looking forward to trying this. Oh well. Perhaps I can kill you later some time.

Well, you did not get your skills maxed, but you got your grades maxed!

Deloris: Well, you know I got another interest too during my years here.

Yes. Unfortunately he still has some time left before he graduates, but you can of course visit each other. Your new apartment is plenty large enough for two - or even three, if that should happen.

Deloris: At least I will still be living in an academic environment of sorts. I just could not resist living in a place called "The Collegiate" Apartments.

Evidently it is part of a project to transform the Fields of Duty to a new high-tech center. In any case, I am sure the academic and scientific atmosphere will make it easier for you to expand your already considerable skill base in a way you never could in the more family-oriented apartments in Micropolis proper, not to mention the fluffy dating and partying environment of Flatland. It will basically be as if it were fall all year round, just like here.

Deloris: Suits me fine. I foresee a lot of late nights with my bookshelf and computer for the next couple years.

Deloris: ((Lucky guy gets to stay with his love...))

Think of all the skilling you can get done without your boyfriend around to distract you! Next year in Micropolis!

Summary of major events:

-Stacie Campbell married Hubert Richards.
-Jo Greer reached top of Supernatural career.
-Barbara Patton got engaged to Phil Jitmakusol.
-Leigh Dunn graduated with honors.
-Leigh Dunn moved to a Downtown apartment.
-Deloris Reese graduated with honors.

05 February 2008 @ 10:50 am
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It is another ordinary day in the crowded but happy Hopkins house...

Apart from the giving birth in the garden part, that's new.


You are not a plantsim anymore, Miranda. Giving birth to sim babies is not an outdoors activity!

And who is this bouncing baby boy?

Miranda: We will call him Alvin. That way it is easy to remember than he is the brother of Amanda and Marvin.

Your creativity is still impressive, although I wonder how it will hold up.

Miranda: Actually, I'm not part of the 10 babies club. The childbirths have always been hard on me, and we have a house full already. I may well change my mind when they start growing up, but right now I don't see myself having any more children.

That is OK, Miranda. Micropolis is growing fast now, and it is going to explode if every family sim has ten children. Do what you want in this matter. I am not going to punish you in the afterlife for having woohoo without trying for baby.

Kellie Baker! I had not expected one of our few remaining townie teens to stop and cheer for the baby! Aren't you a popularity sim rather than family?

Townie teen Kellie Baker: We always like to meet someone new, after all!

That reminds me, you are in the pipeline for college. Expect a call from Ronny Sharpe later today.

Townie teen Kellie Baker: Awesome!

Look who's all grown up to schoolgirl! Although you should probably not go to school in pajamas.

Marlene: Mommy says it is better late than never.

I won't say you are late - you are still only 6, after all. It is more like your brother started school a year early.

Marlene: It is strange that we won't be in the same class even if we are twins. The other kids will think I am dumb.

Not if you do your homework every day and get good grades. Besides, they are just envious of your hair.

The stars are beautiful, are they not?

Orion: They are amazing! So many of them, there must be more than 1000! Angel, do you think my real mother is up there?

Well, she is certainly not on the Other Shore, I can say that much.

Orion: I think maybe my real mother is a princess, and that's why she could not come and live here with us.

I think you should go to bed before you catch a cold, little prince.

One floor - two rooms - eight children.

You can probably not see it the same way I do, Miranda - the last of the life energy rushing into you like a soft blue light. It is quite beautiful actually. But in the future there will be less of this, I think. It will still be possible to have many children, but not to be younger afterward than before you started. Perhaps your fertile years will automatically become longer, or your pregnancies shorter. I am looking into ways to modify the very fabric of your reality to make it more like my own. We shall see how far I come. For each benefit I will have to introduce a corresponding malefit, so as to not be unfair to my fellow angels.

Miranda: I don't understand that kind of things. I am just grateful that I have gotten the family of my dreams. I never asked to stay young forever, so do what you must. Hopefully I shall live to see my children able to fend for themselves.

That should be doable - although I am not sure college qualifies as "fend for oneself"...


Mandy: Why are so many feathers falling down? Are the angels having a pillow fight?

Have you really never seen snow before? I think it snowed one time before, but that may have been while you were still too small to go out.

Mandy: This is the "snow"? It is kind of pretty.


Linda: It kicks! I'm hoping for a boy this time, since we already have three girls.

Wouldn't having even one boy always make one want for a girl?



Glen: Oh my goodness, that looks kind of... painful.

Everyone: It's a girl!

Monique: Meet Gisela, the first girl in our little family. There will be many more.

I see you have somewhat belatedly come into your family sim mindset. 10 babies? This is only number three, isn't that a bit early to decide?

Monique: If Mari Jordan can do it, why not I?

Uhm, because your Glen is slightly older than Elsie Jordan, and while you had Garfield, Mari had Elena, Herzog, Rufus and Travis in the same period? Yes, you both had a baby this year. It's all the years she had a baby and you didn't that make the difference. She has you severely outgunned in the baby department, young lady.


There he goes - the richest little boy in Micropolis, still taking the school bus like everyone else.

Roy: Of course I understand, aunt Linda. Your babies need the house much more than I do. You should tell Dad to give it to them right away and move here so he can live with us all the time.

Roger Craft: ...

I don't think her babies should live anywhere else than with their mom and dad for now. And Linda isn't actually your aunt, but your cousin. She just happens to be the right age for an aunt.

Roy: It was nice to speak to you too, aunt Cousin! It is funny we had never talked before even if we are neighbors!

Tertiary Education

Special thanks to Aion and Maxine Flynn for hosting the farewell party for our longtime townie teen, William Huckster, who will be joining Ronny Sharpe in college this semester!

Townie teen William Huckster: It will be really strange, after having lived here for so long.

Well, it isn't all that far away. You can visit if you get homesick.

Townie teen William Huckster: Mmm, eating pizza on the couch is the best!

You are a natural college student, I see.

No wonder you are happy, Ernest! Your perfect grades will make your mother proud!

Ernest: I know! But best of all is starting my new life with Jean.

You seem pretty upbeat as well!

Jean: Perhaps one day I will miss my carefree student days, but seriously, I've been here for almost 7 years. The skyscrapers weren't even built when I moved from Micropolis! All the new people! It is so exciting.

Well, you two won't be living in the apartment complex - the Ramseys have plenty of room. See you there - next year in Micropolis!

Ah, here you are already, William! We just got two openings here in the Pseudo-dorm, so you won't be rooming with the four romance sims after all!

William: I am sure they are having a field day, but as a knowledge sim I think I prefer a more studious atmosphere. After all, I need good grades for my future career in science.

Welcome Kellie! Don't worry, I am sure you are going to make many good friends here. Perhaps even find the love of your life, although what do I know. At least you are now officially adult.

Kellie: I hope it's OK that I'm a bit nervous though!

Absolutely. And the toilets are straight in the front door, on the right side after the big glass doors to the mess hall.

I see you are making friends already...

Kellie: She totally rejected his proposal, while everyone was looking! Can you imagine it? Although I hear they are together now. Supposedly he is at her place pretty much every day.

Elizabeth: For reals? Isn't he like 80 soon?

77, I believe. But romance is not the healthiest aspiration. Hint, hint.

Elizabeth: Angel, I've thought about the thing you talked about. About my aspiration.

Well, you're halfway through college. You should have a much broader horizon now to consider how you want to spend the rest of your life.

Elizabeth: I think I have found my calling in life. I want to be a knowledge sim too.

That can be arranged. I assume this has nothing to do with the handsome young knowledge sim beside you here?

Elizabeth: Don't be silly!

Patricia: Is that the best you could come up with? Irving Walsh?

Hey, I know he is not a student, but according to my angel-vision you two have 3 bolts of attraction. True love, in other words: Aspiration, personality and turn-ons. If anything, my worry is that you might be too deliriously addicted to get on with your everyday tasks if you get together.

Townie Irving Walsh: I wouldn't particularly mind.

You're a townie, you don't HAVE everyday tasks. That will change if you marry into one of my families.

Patricia: Don't worry Irving, I'll call the... Irving? Irving?

He took off like a cat from out under the vacuum cleaner. It seems the date ended badly, but at least you both live to date again another day!

Patricia: This was my last chance before the finals though...

Barbara: It works! It is glowing!

For §5000 it better do more than that! It better deliver the Love Of Your Life!

William Hughes??

William Hughes: What an amazing beauty! I had no idea that you lived literally next dorm to us!

You seriously haven't been here before?

William Hughes: Well, I didn't notice her at least.

5000 simoleons for 100 yards...

Barbara: It was totally worth it though!

Tammy! Darrin! What are you two doing while I am trying to keep an eye on the date downstairs?

Tammy: Well, we got inspired by the hot date...

Darrin: I guess we got a little carried away...

Tammy: You can carry me away anytime, Darrin! Tee hee!

As if one date at a time was not enough...

Random Student: Is this some kind of performance art?

Tammy: *cuddles Darrin*

You have only one lightning bolt! If you had waited, I could have found you someone who were crazy about you!

Darrin: This is plenty crazy enough for me.

Tammy: I want my babies dangit!

I knew it! Family sims and their hormones!

Darrin: If this is hormones, please give me more of them!

And of course while I try to keep an eye on those crazy lovebirds, the official date goes down the drain...

William Hughes: This is just amusing. Even with this, it is still the best date ever!

Have you ever dated before?

Barbara: Don't drag technicalities into our love!

Speaking of which, technically you are graduating this year. But I take it you would like to spend some more time on campus, since William is still a freshman.

Barbara: Of course.

Well, that's it for this update then. We still have the apartments left and one more college house, but this is it for now.

Summary of major events:

Meadow Road:
-The Hopkins had a baby boy, Alvin.
-Marlene Hopkins grew up well to schoolgirl.
-The Goodmans had a baby girl, Gisela.
Tertiary Education:
-Ernest Ramsey graduated with honors.
-Jean Austin graduated with honors.
-William Huckster went to college, thanks to Ronny Sharpe.
-Kellie Baker went to college, thanks to Ronny Sharpe.

04 February 2008 @ 12:53 am
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It is not easy for a townie to keep up with a solar-powered toddler!

Georgina: Are you sure of this, Mr Angel? Viridia is stil a toddler, and I kind of promised her we would go to college together.

Your soulmate has been there since last year and is getting lonely. We don't want lonely romance sims, for obvious reasons.

Georgina: Right. Stian is an adult now. And I will be too, when I get there.

Yes. Although you don't NEED to take that to its logical conclusion.

Georgina: Georgina must go to college now, but you'll catch up with me next year, I am sure!

Viridia: Cash up!

Alison: There she goes, out in the big world!

How quickly they grow up!


Linda Hancock: I can't believe how long it is since I've been here! Cassius, you have grown so much I could not have told it was you if I had met you on the street!

I can't say the same about you, Linda. You look exactly like the wide-eyed teen girl I remember from this very house. The years have been kind to you.

Al: So, apart from the kidlets growing up, do you notice any changes from when you used to live here?

Linda Hancock: Well, your hair used to be darker...

Al: You noticed that now? I'm an old man now, kitten. I still feel fine, but I am not going to last forever. Still, I have had many good years, and I think I have done well. I have provided for my family in a hard time, and I have wonderful children like you to carry on when I am gone. I watch my grandchildren growing up, and even my youngest son is married. Life goes on, and I no longer need to struggle to keep it going. I would never have thought it, but these are my best years. As long as I keep to places where there is a bathroom nearby, of course.


The weather is good, and Hans opened his outdoors furniture sale downtown. He only needed 50 more loyalty points, so wife and son helped out with the restocking, while Hans used his amazing sales skills as well as manning the cash register. Remember, you merchant souls out there, the cash register is the last and lasting impression of your business!

Hans: We have noticed that customers who bought "double bed" also bought "baby crib".

Hey, it worked for Amazon.com!

Jerry Schultz: What a wonderful idea! It is the perfect anniversary gift too!

Inger Olsen: Because women love subtle hints, right?

Seeing you dance like this reminds me of when you were fresh out of college. You, Pam, were trying to teach Hans to dance, and he told me you would dance the pounds off! I did not believe it then, but look at you today.

Pam: We are celebrating the success of our furniture shop!

Hans: Two down, three to go. Or is that three down, two to go? My furniture shop was briefly down to level 9 again but then shot back up where it belongs. So I kind of have gotten a level ten business three times...

It's not like you need to complete that "five businesses" thing anyway. Your life experience has already made you immune to despair. And for me it is just 1 measly point and the bragging rights that come with it. Of course, it would be nice to be able to compete with Mattsmyra when it comes to commerce, but only if you guys want it.


Is it the Matthew Principle? Or perhaps the Network Effect? In any case, a house full of children draws even more children. It is as if every schoolkid has brought someone home with them.

Garfield Goodman: So, is it true that your family is going to need your own skyscraper?

Herzog: You know, that sounds like an awesome idea!

Actually you will probably need more than one, since I suspect each of you children will get your own family eventually. Well, most of you at least. And we are only allowed to have 4 local families in each apartment complex. Stupid government regulations.

Herzog: We could build this house as tall as a skyscraper and we then we could all live here! And then Bob and Jennifer came back and lived with us too!

I wish you guys could afford to build your house taller, Herzog. You could need some more space... any minute now.


Mike: Not again!

Mandy Whitaker: Eww! Do not want!

Garfield Goodman: Somebody up there help her!

Gallagher Newson: (There are people upstairs?)

I think he meant us angels. But we don't need to actually do anything about this. It looks pretty bad, but it is not actually dangerous to sims. All I do is save the lot, just in case. Oh, and sometimes I randomize the star sign, but you don't need to concern yourself with that.

Hey, look at that handsome little fellow. Have you thought of a name for him?

Mari: We shall call him Pieter. With an i.

Actually he has two eyes...

Mari: Because I don't want some random townie to waltz in and have the same name as my boy. And there are new townies waltzing in all the time these days.

True enough. The two apartment buildings are almost full already, so it is time to start building a third. That means more townies, with more names.

Mari: Exactly, but I thought of it first. Don't forget that. Also, don't forget the elixir!

Do you really need more of that? You got your ten children. Isn't it time to move on to the next life phase soon?

Mari: I would like to have 20 grandchildren for a start, but I am going to have to wait a loooong time for that.

That's for sure.

Ah, the sissy and the tomboy. What an interesting couple.

Mandy Whitaker: (He really does look a lot like me...)

Tertiary Education

Who is this dignified woman who has shown up outside the Large Co-ed dorm? She seems vaguely familiar...

Georgina: You didn't think I could do that, eh?

Well, it is just not very "you". Let me help you find something more fitting for a young carefree romance sim.

That's more like it! The Georgina we all know and love.

Georgina: About that, is it true that Stian has a new girlfriend now?

In a manner of speaking. They only have 1 bolt of attraction - half of what he has to you - but Jessica is what we call polyamorous, she prefers to maintain several romantic relationships at the same time. She has someone who occupies her much more than Stian does, though.

Georgina: Sounds kinky.

I am sure you will get along great though. She is willing to share not only her love but her knowledge as well.

Georgina: I can't believe it! I have known Marcus since I was a little girl, and I have never heard about this!

Some stories grow with the telling, you know. But he was quite popular with the ladies in his youth, that much is true.

Georgina: Not my own dad! I refuse to believe it!

Jessica: Shocking, is it not?

Not really. Dads are people too. If they didn't do some shocking things now and then, they would not have become dads in the first place. Of course, the stories still grow with the telling - especially when told by a romance sim!

Georgina: Sorry for them being so small! I guess I am just naturally boyish, OK?

Edna Olson! You are already this old! I remember when you were just a little girl jumping off the school bus! How quickly they grow up!

Edna: It sure has been a while, huh? I am glad Georgina invited me to come here with her. I never had much chance to study back home, so I have a lot to catch up with to become a good Minister of Education!

That is a very nice ambition. Also, a very nice bookcase. Since you seem unlikely to marry into a family that already has one.

Edna: Marriage can wait. Studies first!

Say, weren't you dating one of my boys? I tried to check before you came, but couldn't find anything. I really need some kind of spreadsheet to keep track of who is pairing up with who.

Edna: Can't have been anything serious if none of us remembers it! Anyway, all that can wait. Life is long, college is short!

Oh dear, has it already come to this?

Hey you two!

Jessica: Oh, morning Mr Angel.

I see you two have begun sleeping together.

Toby Pitts: Sleeping was all we did, honest!

Jessica: Don't blame me, you could have woken me up you know.

First best friends, and now this. Do you know what will happen to you now, Toby Pitts?

Toby Pitts: Uhm, Angelic Smite of Ultimate Justice?

The Law of Contagion, young man. And I don't mean like microbes. You have become entangled with my people, just like Jessica did before you. That means you are pulled into the timestream. No longer trapped in an everlasting freshman year, you will start to advance, grow up, mature, live and eventually die. From this day on, your life belongs to me and my world.

What's with this extremely heartwarming atmosphere?

And so we move our little herd from the large co-ed dorm to a smaller building but still with ample space in the Blank Slate Student Housing. Which is actually not blank slate at all, but red brick, and quite cozy. And they lived happily for the rest of the semester.

Summary of major events:

Gravel Road:
-Georgina Craft went to college.
-Mari and Victor Jordan had a baby boy, Pieter.
-Mari Jordan fulfilled impossible want: 10 children!
-Edna Olson went to college, invited by Georgina Craft.
-Dormie Toby Pitts moved in with Jessica Mullins.

03 February 2008 @ 03:03 am
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Jimmy: Hmm, my skin seems to have turned more wrinkly.

Random Townie Walkby: Welcome to the club!

Yes, who made Micropolis the retirement capital of the world? The white-haired townie population has exploded after we got these apartments. Micropolis - where spinsters go to die!

Jimmy: Or perhaps to stop being spinsters. But I've already done my part, I dare say.

Perhaps we should not have put up that sign with "Micropolis - home of Roger 'Rock god' Craft"...


Miranda: Huh, I am cured of that plant virus, but I can still hear what the plants are saying. You can't hear anything, can you?

Orville: I don't need to hear that plant scream to know that it is being strangled by weeds...

Dawnstar: Why are earthlings so active in the morning?

I have often wondered about the same thing.

Keep this up, and we may need more school buses... Or perhaps we should try to build a local school. But that would mean more work for me. It is kind of nice to have the kids out of our hair for a few hours each day, is it not? Even though they no longer meet townie kids there.

Happy birthday to you! Time to start going to school and bringing home the Newson kids like everyone else!

Martin: I sure have grown!

You sure have! But your hair has not.


Congratulations Arnold! You have reached the top of the education career and fulfilled your life dream! You will now have unshakable confidence for the rest of your life. And no, you are not going to marry off six children as well. In this time and age, women have the most say in how many children they will have. Antoinette is not a family sim, and between your love child and the plantbaby, she probably has enough for a while.

Townie: So you are one of the famous "plantsims".

Antoinette: Yes, but not for much longer. Our local witch has brewed up a cure, and I better take it before I risk popping more plantbabies. I love the little guy, but I'd rather not have a dozen of them!


Congratulations on your acceptance into the local branch of the Green Diamonds! Now that you are a certified superhero, you will have lifelong happiness. Isn't it amazing how all your dreams have come true, and I haven't even had to do any miracles? It all comes from carefully nurturing your own inner being and making the right choices at the right time.

Linda: I hope I live to see at least the three oldest graduate from college, though. I think of that as my next goal in life.

You don't need any more goals, Linda. But I'm pretty sure you will get this wish fulfilled as well. I love it when people have realistic wants for their lives.

Leonore: Don't I look pretty in my new school dress?

You do. It is very girly and suits you.

Leonore: Now that I can be outside more, I'll get a tan like Lucy.

Good luck with that. I hear that being outside a little each day is good for your health anyway. Except during thunderstorms.

Lena: Petty!

Arent't they? Enjoy the fireflies while it is still dark. The red nights of spring are coming soon. More importantly, how long has that lamp been by the door? I recognized that model.

Lena: *Pouts*

Not all pretty things are meant to be captured and held, little one.


Garfield: I'm ready for school!

Gratz on leveling up! And I am sure your mom is happy for it, too.

Monique: Of course I am!

No more potties, no more screaming in the middle of the night.

Monique: Actually, I don't think we should even bother putting away the crib. The baby is due next year.

Elsie Jordan: Glen and Inger, sitting in a tree...

Garfield: My brother is going straight to Hell for doing adult things!

I don't think that's what it really means...

Inger Olsen: Don't be silly you guys! This is not like that. We are just friends.

Glen: ((I meant it like that though...))


Maxine: Hey, I've got something important to say! The baby is coming!

And we got our second non-panicking mother! The first being Alison. I wonder if this is a trait we can breed for?

Maxine: I'm breeding all I can here!

This bouncing baby boy needs a name!

Maxine: I name him... Maximilian!

We don't have any of those from before, at least. Welcome to Micropolis, Maximilian Flynn! May you live a long and happy life and not be forgotten because of Sims 3.

Maxine: What does that mean?

A new world is being created, just slightly closer to my reality than yours is now, and I may accept an opening as angel there.

Maxine: Would we get another angel then?

I find that highly unlikely.

Maxine: I suppose we could do without you, but it would be kind of strange.

Yeah. For me too.

Aion: So I got this commemorative plaque for my fishing skill. To mount on the wall.

And one for gardening too. You sure are enthusiastic.

Aion: I enjoy working with living things.


Elizabeth: We got to see a few snowflakes this winter too! Perhaps the world is not yet damaged beyond repair.

Jerry: But at least we got beautiful spring weather for our wedding! If it holds through the day, that is.

Jo Greer: Some people mistakenly think that government can marry them. But that is now how it works. Government can neither make nor break a marriage - it can only recognize one. In the end, it is up to yourself to make your marriage...

Elizabeth: ((Could we please fast forward to the good part?))


Everyone is thinking about Jerry, except one...

But that is enough.

Jordan - Fisher

You two seem to get along great, perhaps Bob could get away with a bit lower rent?

Landlady: He sure is a charming young man, but in my trade we learn to not base business on first impressions. Perhaps later.

Bob, I think it is a good idea that you do the negotiations without Arlene...

Campbell - Richards

Stacie: Isn't this place just wonderful?

I think anywhere would be wonderful as long as you two get to be together...

Hubert: That is true. I did not know how wonderful life could be before I met my Stacie. Nothing in the world compares to the sweetness of our love!

That's the benefit of having a large town, you have a good chance to find True Love. Just don't forget to eat occasionally.


Spring is in the air! Actually, spring is always in the air Downtown where the large Trendylife complex houses 28 apartments with singles, plus a constant trickle of guests.

"And seal it with a kiss!" -Actually, I am not old enough to remember that song, I just accidentally happened to overhear it. Yeah. Anyway, I guess we will soon have to get more family apartments, what with the first having filled its quota of four local families. I wish there was some way to get around that limit. Building apartment complexes takes a lot of time.

Barbara and Phil: *ignore*

Tertiary Education

Jessica: I have to say, Toby, you're quite something. I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot more of each other.

Does that mean Stian is safe for now? I'll try to get Georgina over next year, if you can keep yourself occupied with Toby Pitts here.

Dormie Toby Pitts: ((This must be what they call True Love...))

It is. Or three-bolt attraction, as we call it here. I guess it can happen even to romance sims.

Dormie Toby Pitts: You can read my thoughts?

Reading thoughts is one of my favorite hobbies.

Welcome to Tertiary Education, Greg Rodgers! It took its sweet time. But seriously, with that afro and the scowl, it is a miracle anyone invited you at all.

Greg: Dissing my afro, are you some kind of racist? I can't count how many people have tried to tell me that only black people are allowed to have afro.

I think there is a kind of historical connection between the words "afro" and "Africa". So yeah, you should probably get used to people dissing it. Or you could find some other hairdo that did not make you look quite so out of place. But above all, you could quit scowling. You don't look much like a family sim. More like some goon or mook from a bad detective comic.

Greg: Girls like the bad boy look.

I believe that when I see...

Dormie girl: *squeee*

Summary of major events:

Meadow Road:
-Jimmy Ramsey grew up well to elder.
-Miranda Hopkins was cured of plantsimism.
-Martin Hopkins grew up well to schoolboy.
-Arnold Whitaker became Minister of Education (lifetime want).
-Antoinette Whitaker was cured of plantsimism.
-Linda Hancock became Captain Hero (lifetime want).
-Leonore Hackock grew up well to schoolgirl.
-Garfield Goodman grew up well to schoolboy.
-Maxine Flynn had a baby boy, Maximilian.

-Bob Jordan and Arlene Fisher moved into Lakewatch family apts.
-Stacie Campbell moved into Lakewatch family apts.
-Hubert Richards moved in with his fiancee Stacie Campbell. bringing §4000.
-Elizabeth Olsen married Jerry Schultz.
-Greg Rodgers went to college, invited by Ronny Sharpe.